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Anal Gland Expression – $15

  • Healthy external glands expressed. For the health and comfort of your pup, if our groomer suspects an infection, we will refer you to your veterinarian, dogs.

Paw Pad Treatment – $8.00

  • For those pups that walk, jog or run regularly on hard surfaces can develop some paw pad roughness. Our paw pad wash is followed by moisturizing cream massaged into the paw pads to soothe roughness and cracking.

Flea & Tick Treatment - $15.00 and up

  • Our all-natural flea and tick shampoos work safely
    with Frontline or other similar preventative applications. Living fleas and ticks are neutralized . While this is not a preventative treatment, your furry friend will be tick and flea free when they leave. Please keep in mind that if there are fleas or ticks in your yard, home or wherever your furry friend goes, they will find you pup again. Please contact your vet for information on preventative products. $15.00 and up depending on pet size, coat and breed.

​Deshedding Treatment - $10.00 -$ 20.00

  • For normal shedding, we handle it with professional deshedding shampoo and techniques at no additional cost. But for those fuzzy pets who need a significant amount of excess hair removed (blowing coat shedding in chunks), we take it to the next level with a full Furminator deshedding treatment.

Professional, Friendly, and Convenient Mobile Pet Grooming

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Get your pooch game-day ready with team gear accessories. Game Day Package is $5 and includes a team bandana and team color bows for your pup. Kick up your pup’s look with these fun add-ons: purple/gold nail pawlish application. ( teams available upon request-) $5

Man’s Breast Friend

Includes a unique Breast Cancer Awareness bandana. Take the “Think Pink” message to the next level with these awesome add-ons:  pink nail pawlish application and Special Edition Pawsitively Pink shampoo. ***A portion of the proceeds from this promotion are donated to breast cancer awareness programs $5.

Soft and Silky Spawliday Special

Dry flaky skin isn’t just for humans- winter months can make your pup extra itchy! Soothe the scratching with a moisturizing oatmeal bath followed by a creamy conditioner, and a paw pad treatment to massage and soften rough paw pads- includes holiday bows or bandana, just $15

Holiday Cookies n Crème

No “dog smell” this holiday season- just sugar and spice and everything nice! A sugar cookie premium shampoo bath and spritz with the paw pad treatment to massage and soften rough paw pads, includes holiday bows and bandana- just $15

**Papaya and Oatmeal pampers your pet with all natural ingredients. Papaya and kiwi replenish the natural moisture balance of the skin and coat. Rich botanical conditioners create a healthy shine while preventing dry skin and tangled hair.

**Puppy Package – bringing home a new puppy to your family this holiday? Keep that puppy smell alive with our puppy shampoo and  baby powder spritz. For pups up to 9 months old. Rate varies per breed.


  • We pre-treat the mats with a de-matting spray and then we carefully work through the mats making sure to avoid any stress on your pets. Dematting will be done either before or after the bath depending on the level of severity. Cost varies by breed $$

Tooth Brushing - $ 5

Deluxe Dental Treatment -$10

  • Tooth brushing, followed by a plague fighting gel application and breath spray.

Soft Paws Nail Cover Application – $15

Solid Color Nail Pawlish Application – $5

Our Mobile Pet Grooming Services

Express Service

  • ​Includes a thorough brushing to remove excess hair and reduce shedding. Next is a hydro- massage bath with our 2-step premium shampoo & conditioning. Nails will be trimmed/ dremeled, ears cleaned and anal glands expressed upon request for an additional fee. Vanity Fur features cage-free drying so your pet will be towel and hand-fluff dried and finished off with a final brushing, a spritz for their coat and a bow or bandana! 

Elite Service

  • Includes the full Express Service plus a light trim around the face, ears, paws and sanitary area ONLY. It’s the perfect service for in between Custom Cuts. Any additional trimming (chest, fringe, feathers, skirt, belly shaves, etc.) are not included with this service and fall under the CUSTOM Cut below.

CUSTOM Service

  • Includes the Express Service plus a full body cut to your pet’s breed specification or your personal preference. When requesting this service, please be specific about your preferences or even provide a picture that shows the desired look-Custom cuts also includes popular styles such as: Summer, Kennel, Buzz and Puppy cuts. These popular cuts are not recommended for double coated breeds, chat with one of our professional groomers for suggestions for grooming and maintenance on your pup’s coat!

​Mani-Pedi Service -

  • $30 No more trips to the vet or salon just to get nails trimmed. We come to your door! Clipped or dremmel. Includes paw pad hair trim if needed. (25.00 for any additional pets)

At Vanity Fur, we deliver luxury pet hygiene services to your door. Servicing Prior Lake, Savage, Chanhassen, Shakopee, Chaska, Bloomington, Edina, Eden Prairie, Burnsville, Farmington and Lakeville . If you are outside of the designated service areas please call for availability.